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A national review has begun and you're invited. The future of your forests is up to you.

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Who We Are

Your Forests Your Future needs you to decide how your public lands will be managed in the future. Brought to you in part by the U.S. Forest Service, Salmon Valley Stewardship, and the creators of More Than Just Parks, Your Forests Your Future is a national campaign to get Americans involved in shaping the future of their forests. We want you to celebrate, explore, and steward all 193 million acres of your National Forests. After all, they're Your Forests and it's Your Future. Join the conversation today.

"The people of the United States are singularly fortunate in having such great areas of the outdoors in the permanent possession of the people themselves, permanently available for many different forms of use."
~Franklin Roosevelt~

what we


  • 1. We operate with the understanding that if we want different results, we have to do things differently.
  • 2. We push industry standards to utilize technology, creativity, and the power of storytelling to breakdown barriers about how public lands are managed and how the public can get involved.
  • let's make


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    email: ask@yourforestsyourfuture.org

    Stay in touch - we will be updating the public throughout this exciting process!